Frank Erwin Center Enhanced Safety and Security Plan

The Frank Erwin Center has expanded the implementation of our evolving and enhanced security plan for the facility. The expansion includes new walk-through metal detectors at every arena entrance and size restrictions on bags allowed into the building by patrons.

Only soft sided bags no larger than 12” x 12” x 12’’ that can fit fully beneath the arena seat will be permitted inside the Erwin Center. Patrons who have bags larger than the permitted size will be asked to return them to their vehicles or discard them. This is in addition to the existing policy that all bags, purses or personal items of any size are subject to search. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection. The Erwin Center is unable to store over-sized or prohibited items.

The enhanced security plan aims to strengthen security procedures already in place and ensure the safety of patrons. NBA and NHL arenas have similar security measures already in place and non-professional sports venues are also adding to their security plans.

Prohibited Items

  • No smoking
  • No outside food or drink
  • No backpacks or purses or bags larger than 12”x12”x12”
  • No recording devices
  • No hard containers
  • No firearms, weapons or fireworks
  • No banners or noisemakers
  • No items deemed unacceptable by building management
  • No concealed handguns pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensed law). The Frank Erwin Center is a department of The University of Texas at Austin. For more information visit
  • Effective Aug. 1, 2017, a new clear bag policy is being implemented for all home Texas Mens’s and Women’s basketball games. Read more information about the new Clear Bag Policy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I refuse to go through a metal detector?
    A: Yes, fans who opt to not go through the metal detector will be wanded, which may delay entry into the arena.

    Q: Do I need to remove my belt, shoes, and jacket?
    A: Fans will not have to remove their belts, shoes and jackets. Our new state-of-the-art walk-through metal detection systems are able to account for certain personal belongings and will not trigger the alarm.

    Q: Is there a lane for fans that do not have bags or purses?
    A: Fans without bags or purses will have expedited entry through a designated and dedicated line at the A, C, D and Red River doors only.

    Q: How do the increased security measures affect fans with wheelchairs?
    A: Our metal detectors are wide enough to allow easy entrance into the venue. However, wheelchairs will likely trigger an alarm. If the alarm is triggered, the guest will be checked with a metal detector wand.

    Q: I have a medical device that sets off metal detectors. What is going to happen to me at the gate?
    A: If a medical device sets off an alarm, the guest will be checked with a metal detector wand. Our metal detectors will not have any adverse effect on medical devices, e.g. pacemakers, joint replacements, oxygen tanks, etc.