Group Sales

Groups have more fun!

The Frank Erwin Center Group Sales Department encourages you to gather your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers together to enjoy discounts and dinner offers to select events! To order group tickets, email or call us at 512-232-4343.

Join the Group Sales Club to find out about group discounts and dinner offers by emailing the following information:
   •Name of Business or Organization
   •Contact Name
   •E-mail address
   •Daytime phone number

Group Discounts

Nov. 19 - Festival of Praise Tour 2016 - Frank Erwin Center - Austin, Texas
Festival of Praise Tour 2016
Saturday, November 19 at 7PM

Regular Prices: $40 and $55
Group Prices: $35 and $55

Groups of 10 of more save $5 on the $40 ticket price.