The X Factor Season 2 Live Tapings with Simon Cowell

See Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell at The X Factor LIVE May 24-25!

Tickets are FREE to be in the live audience!

The hit TV show will be here for TWO DAYS ONLY and you can be the first to see the new season... and the new judges! For more information and to print free tickets, please visit

Gather 20 or more people from your group or organization to be part of the live audience and you may be able to earn money as a fundraiser for your group! For more information, please call (818) 880-8200.

There is NO PARKING in the State lots and garages prior to 6PM. For more parking information, please check the parking map.

Doors open 1.5 hours before the auditions.